Day 1 – to Ennerdale Bridge

Brilliant sunny day to start from St Bees. PMR’s invaluable expertise on the cliffs helped us see fulmers, kittiwakes, cormorants, guillemots, razor bills and jackdaws and later inland we saw crows seeing off a buzzard. Flower lovers had much to admire including a big patch of early purple orchids on the cycle path around Moor Row. Wild strawberries and raspberries await walkers later in the year.
Our feet survived the first day. Hope this glorious weather lasts while we are in the Lake District.

View back along coast past St Bees


Down to Nannycatch Beck from Dent Fell


Drinks at Ennerdale Bridge very welcome after 15 miles from St Bees



9 responses to “Day 1 – to Ennerdale Bridge

  1. Wow, great photos already and lovely weather, hope it stays that way! There are some excellent ales to try along the way…..

  2. Several ales sampled …

  3. Doesn’t look right at all, where’s the wind and the rain !

  4. Beautiful day for it!

  5. Cathryn Harvey

    Nowhere better when the weather’s fine. Forecast is good too. What happened?! We were all freezing up here until the Old Gits arrived!

  6. Wow, let’s hope weather stays as good for you as it was for us! Glad feet surviving, despite carols posh shoe incident!

  7. You lucky people, that combination of weather and scenery looks AMAZING!!

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